Bitcoin trends: Will Bitcoin price increase or decrease and WHEN?

Receive ONE to TEN minutes prediction advantage from Google! is just one website to help you predict Bitcoin price movements. You can compare searches in Google with Bitcoin price charts and to make some predictions about cryptocurrencies forecast.

Number of searches in Google show exactly the Bitcoin price movements. For example see "Last 90 days" trends chart and compare dates 17.01.2018 and 06.02.2018 with Bitcoin price chart for the same days. Or just see for what I'm talking about on this picture or on picture bellow.

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In most cases, you can see increase of searches in Google 1 to 10 minutes before price jump. So, you will have 1 to 10 minutes advantage to sell or buy your favorite cryptocurrency - so many time to make money :).

Bitcoin prices today in different exchanges and crypto markets:

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Keep in mind: Exchange rate chart at top is dynamic, but Google trends charts are static! You must refresh page from time to time to see latest trend changes! Drag charts on mobile devices!

Buy/Sell Bitcoin trend: Last hour

Last hour trend for Bitcoin (BTC) in Google trends:

Buy/Sell Bitcoin trend: Last day

Last day trend for Bitcoin in Google trends:

Sell and Buy Bitcoin trend: Last week

Last week trend for Bitcoin - Google trends:

Buy and Sell Bitcoin trend: Last 30 days

Last month trend for Bitcoin from Google trends:

Sell/Buy Bitcoin trend: Last 90 days

Last 3 months Bitcoin trend - Google trends:

Bitcoin price chart for Last months

You can zoom chart with mouse scroll and to move between time range with drag and drop.

Other top cryptocurrencies trend chart: Ethereum and Litecoin interest - Last day trends chart:

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Quick experiment and proof:

Let's open Firefox or Chrome webmaster tools, find div id="chart" and add: style="position:relative;z-index:2;top:-610px;opacity:0.7". In this way price chart from will be transparent and over Google 90 days chart. Now with zoom and drag and drop adjust dates of both charts. You will see something like this screen:

Google trends searches and Bitcoin price changes

For example, take a look at 26 January 2018 - searches in Google increased 200-300%, and in next 2 days Bitcoins price jump from 11115 to 11680 USD. One better example: on 13-14 February 2018 searches in Google increased with about 50%, and in next week Bitcoins price jump from 8520 to 11153 USD. - created from crypto-trader to help all cryptocurrency investors. Cheers :)